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I was at my PC recently; I was supposed to be working on my next book, but my thoughts wandered (as I expect happens to all of us at one time or another) as I considered the motivations for adopting less than honourable courses of action. As I daydreamed, I began considering the idea of celebrity and those in it.

I suppose it all began at the start of the 20th Century with the advent of motion pictures and the obsession with youth and beauty.

The film industry began what is now a slick, well-oiled process – advertising, and the film actors became famous.

What we are seeing today with the burgeoning world of social media is a replication of the golden age of the movies.

The danger with it all is that people become so wrapped up in the glitz and glamour, they forget the people behind the faces are real, with real feelings and real lives.

We quickly forget how hurtful and personally damaging a down-turn in popularity can be for those in the public eye.

I’ll leave it there for this time.

Take care everyone, keep yourselves safe and please remember to always be kind!


26th May 2023

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