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Bryn Petersen - Another Arbor

Free Poem 1


You know we’re not so different, you and I;

We breathe the same air under the same sky

The food may be different, we eat it the same

Beneath disparate traits the human remains


One maybe quiet, while another so loud;

One sits in a corner, demure, timid yet proud

The other’s a vivid splash of alarming colour

And to all of them I claim as my brother


Religion, such a fierce bone of contention

If I could beg a moment of your attention

Beliefs may differ, worship too yet please listen

Prayers are prayers, or what am I missing?


You can prick any one of us and we will bleed

Blood shed’s still bright red no matter our creed

If you find love or friendship, grab with both hands

Or see one lone set of footprints in Time’s sand

Free Poem 2


The light is brighter now than when I first got here 

Warmth suffuses me; there’s nothing left to fear 

How can I convey how much love surrounds me?

It’s there in your tear-filled eyes overflowing in grief 


My heart aches to see you sitting alone in the dark 

Or sleepwalk in sorrow daily, detached, so stark

I long to see animation flood your beloved face

Yet with tears never far, pain lines your eyes lace


When fragrant summer breezes hug you tight 

And the warmth of the sun bathes you in light 

Remember my love I’m up here looking down 

Longing to turn upside down your sad frown 


I’m always with you, come rain or come shine 

And I’ll carry on loving you to the end of time 

So, do as I ask, smile and laugh, do your part 

I’ll always have a special place in your heart