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Take A Perfect Picture

‘Take A Perfect Picture’ is a police crime thriller and is the sequel to Another Arbor.

“I am proud to announce that I have just pressed the publish button on the Amazon/KDP website, and my third book will be out imminently!
Amazon, being the wonderful and responsible self-publishing platform that it is, review all prospective publications prior to release, and over that I have no control.
As you may see (if you subscribe to my newsletters), my third book was provisionally titled ‘Beach Bombs’.
Several social media interactions after announcing I was in the process of re-writing my third book, I decided rather than risk mockery or censure or find my book horribly misconstrued, I would re-title my book.
As any writer will readily agree, titles are often the most difficult part of story-writing.
What seems appropriate and fitting, and perfectly fine to you will often strike someone else as provocative, odd or even rude!
I finally settled on ‘Take a Perfect Picture’, and my book is almost a reality”.
Bryn Petersen - Take A Perfect Picture
Successful Women

A Word From The Author

I am a published writer.
I write under the pen name of Bryn Petersen.
Bryn Petersen - Author

My First Published Book

Another Arbor

‘Another Arbor’ is a gritty procedural crime thriller, where nothing is as it seems and the investigation has to plumb the depths of human nature to get to the truth. Here, crime really does cast an infinitely long shadow.

Bryn Petersen - Another Arbor

My Second Published Book


‘Shattered’ is a poetry anthology, dealing with controversial, harrowing or taboo subjects.

Bryn Petersen Shattered

My Future Books

‘Cross of Anjou’ is another draft novel and I have created an idea for how the front cover may look. ‘Cross of Anjou’ will become a series of three novellas.

The first is the story of a young boy (Billy Baxter). Billy grows up in wartime Britain, and forms friendships with the young men of a local RAF Bomber Command Squadron airbase.

The second in the series continues the story through the eyes of Billy’s surrogate mother-figure, Esther Gray.

In the third novella in the series, Fred Gray takes up the baton of narrator, and we see how adversity shapes the airmen and local community as the war draws to a close.

‘Kill Plan’ is an anthology of shorter fiction, mostly within the crime/mystery genre, they are tales with a twist.

What My Readers Are Saying

Here are a few reviews of my books.

Bryn Petersen Shattered


"Breathtaking journey"

5 Star
Joseph - 27 May 2023

"Shattered" by Bryn Petersen is a breathtaking journey through the depths upon this writers experiences. Petersen's dialect holds an undeniable amounts of pause, striking the heart and soul utilizing such raw intensity. Within each poetry, the shattered fragments of life are delicately woven upon tightly niched, forming a haunting tapestry of resilience, love, and vulnerability. This paperback is a poetic masterpiece that resonates long after the final page, leaving the readers spellbound and eager asking upon more.

Bryn Petersen - Another Arbor

Another Arbor


5 Star
Adele - 09 March 2023

An amazing first book, gripping, well thought out storyline and believable characters. Hope to see more from this.

Bryn Petersen - Another Arbor

Another Arbor

"Riveting read"

5 Star
Ryan - 12 February 2023

This crime thriller is a riveting read encompassing gritty events with well thought out realism to keep you reading. Highly recommended can’t wait to see if there will a be series.