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Lisa M Billingham 

Writing, Wellbeing, and a Little Bit of Woo-Woo on Black Country Radio Xtra. (Mondays at 11 am (UK time or On Demand)

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Lisa M Billingham

Hunter Boydell

Hunter is the creative genius behind an innovative media initiative called Breaking Jar, making short films on a budget.

You can find links to Paxford, an original short film created and produced by Hunter Boydell and Breaking Jar and current project Sparks May Fly on the Breaking Jar website:


Noel Wincote

Bryn says of Noel:

I first became aware of Noel through his poems, which (for the most part) have a charming innocence about them, which belie his advanced years.

To be able to convey through the medium of poetry the youthful innocence of a bygone age is both difficult and rare and for this reason, I believe Noel vastly underestimates his power as a poet.

Bryn Petersen Anonymous

Lorraine Buxton

Lorraine Buxton is the author of Tapestry of Life, a collection of poetry dealing with the issues life throws at us.

Lorraine’s first novel, A Second Chance is about a couple rebuilding a fragile relationship, finding family and believing in life giving them A Second Chance.

Lorraine’s second novel (and third book) is Mayfield Book Corner, the story of two sisters trying to rekindle their relationship.

They must share the secrets they have been keeping to remain in the place they call home.

Bryn Petersen Anonymous

Debbie Buxton

Bryn says of Debbie Buxton:

I became aware of Debbie through social media postings as Debbie is on her way to publishing her first book, Someday.

When I broached the idea of contributing something to Bryn and Friends, I think Debbie was a little shocked, but she rose to the challenge beautifully, and Believe in the Impossible (the resulting story) is both uplifting and heartwarming.

I believe Debbie Buxton is definitely an author to look out for.

Bryn Petersen Anonymous

T.J. Hannon

Tom is an accomplished author from Long Island, New York who writes mostly short stories that cover various genres.

Tom’s other interests include music and baseball.

Below are his available books on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback.

Tales with a Twist- Quench your thirst for drama, mystery, humor, romance, and fantasy with a collection of 25 short stories with a twist the reader won’t see coming.

Murder Works -When All Else fails.

Five Murderous tales, driven by greed, lust, scorn, and revenge.

Stocking Stuffers- Chuck full of laughter, nostalgia, hope, and feel-good Christmas stories, for adults and children of all ages.

Lady of the Lake – An author’s version of a myth that has mystified people for ages.

In a Not So Perfect World- Coming of age novel about the self-destruction of a teenage girl after the death of her mother.

Bryn Petersen Anonymous

Kelly Jeanne

Kelly lives in San Diego, Ca, with her beautiful 3½ year old cat Luna De Miel, which means Honeymoon in Spanish.

Kelly began writing at the age of 13 as an escape from an unstable home-life.

At age 61, Kelly started writing her memoir, which is proving to be difficult on many levels.

Thankfully, a friend introduced her to flash fiction, where her style is satirical.

Kelly says “I love putting my characters in off-the-wall situations with unusual monikers, placing them in bizarrely named, real locations around the globe.”

Her flash fiction piece ‘Bottom of the Barrel’ appeared in a Christian anthology, published annually by Christian Writers for Life.

Recently, her flash fiction piece ‘Helpless’ was adapted into an Old Time Radio format by Troupe of Lost Souls Entertainment, where they produce and direct modern, present-day stories for the 21st Century.

They have their own YouTube channel.

While writing for them, she goes by the moniker Kelly (Catwoman=^..^=) Jeanne.

Recently Kelly contributed a flash fiction piece for Bryn and Friends, entitled ‘Grey Poupon’.

Bryn Petersen Anonymous

Dave Pitt

My name is Dave Pitt. I was born in the West Midlands but have travelled the world and lived in many places.

Currently, I live in West Yorkshire, having got there via Edinburgh, South Africa, Australia, London and many other towns around the UK.

In my late twenties I began writing seriously, at first as a performance poet based in Stratford upon Avon and then as a short story writer in Edinburgh. In my forties, I branched out into playwriting and have seen five of my plays produced and performed.

It was during lockdown and in my fifties that I finally had the time to sit and write my first novel, The Life Machine. This was meant to be a stand-alone book but I soon realised there was a bigger story to tell.

I am a full time author now and will continue to be so, it’s what I love and you should always do what you enjoy the most.

I am currently working on a fourth part to my trilogy, a study of the effects of what happened in Alex and the Angel, and also I’m writing a pantomime for my local drama group because you should never turn down a paid gig.

Dave Pitt